The First National Title and Escrow team wants to be your trusted real estate attorney in Rhode Island. However, we understand that most people only need a real estate attorney a few times. That can lead to people being unaware of their services or when they may need a real estate attorney. Read this guide to learn more about Rhode Island real estate attorneys’ common services.

Drafting and Reviewing Documents

One of the key services of real estate attorneys is the drafting and review of real estate documents. From purchase agreements to lease contracts, their expertise ensures that all documents adhere to legal standards. They can also review documents on behalf of clients to protect their rights and interests.

Property Title Clearance

Buyers might hire a real estate attorney in Rhode Island to clear a property title. Attorneys do this by performing a title examination. A title examination includes a public records search to verify ownership and discover potential title defects. The attorney will also verify the property’s tax records and search for any judgments that may impact ownership.

Closing Services

Real estate attorneys help buyers and sellers finalize real estate transactions. They’ll review and prepare documents to ensure everything is in order. A real estate attorney may also serve as the escrow agent for a transaction. They will provide a neutral account for holding funds and documents in this role. As the escrow agent, they will also handle the disbursal of funds.

Landlord and Tenant Matters

Landlords and tenants may also need a real estate attorney in Rhode Island. One common service is helping landlords draft lease agreements. Businesses may hire a real estate attorney to review commercial lease agreements. Advice from an attorney can also be invaluable to landlords as they navigate tenants’ rights and issues like evictions.

Zoning and Land Use Laws

Builders, developers, and businesses may need assistance navigating zoning and land use laws. Advising clients on zoning issues, permits, and variances ensures compliance with legal requirements. Their expertise can help clients make informed decisions or offer solutions to legal issues associated with a property.

Foreclosure Defense

Homeowners facing foreclosure might hire a real estate attorney for advice and legal defense. They can use their knowledge to develop strategies to help clients save their homes. For example, the attorney may find a portion of the contract unenforceable. It could also be a mistake the mortgage company made concerning giving notice or servicing the loan.

Your Rhode Island Real Estate Attorney

First National Title and Escrow attorneys have extensive experience with Rhode Island real estate law. Reach out now to learn more about the legal services we provide.